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"Now That You Won Your Judgment What Do You Do Next...

...when the debtor has FAILED to PAY you!"

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Justice Thru The Enforcement of 

Will the judgment recovery specialist or attorney you hire to enforce your judgment use all the available tools WITHOUT charging you extra?

We are dedicated to the enforcement of money judgments. We purchase your judgment on a "future pay" basis, without application fees or up-front costs of any kind.

We have the resources, experience and determination to enforce the judgment you worked so hard to get. 

We will conduct a thorough investigation to uncover hidden assets and/or sources of income and take whatever steps are necessary to seize them.
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Judgment Enforcement Services

Master Judgment Enforcer GR Isidro (Mr. Grey)

Enforcing judgments since 2001.
Mr. Grey teaches people the exact methods he uses to get paid on their own judgments.

Judgment Enforcement Team

Team of Judgment Recovery specialists available to help in Spanish, French, Japanese, Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin

Judgment Enforcement Services

We used advanced methods to get paid on court judgments that Lawyers and other Judgment Professionals are not willing to do without charging you Extra.

You Pay Nothing For Our 
Judgment Enforcement Services 
Unless You Win!

We make our money ONLY from the judgment debtor, at no cost to you. 
We cover all costs and expenses incurred in locating the judgment debtor and 
enforcing the judgment.

Judgment Enforcement FAQ

  • How long does it take to enforce a judgment? - It is a case by case basis. Being a big fan of boxing, Mr. Grey treats each case as if it is a 12-round boxing match and is willing to go the distance to enforce your judgment.
  • Couldn't I just hire an attorney? -​You could, however, very few specialize in judgment enforcement. There are many areas of the law. If you needed heart surgery, you wouldn't go to a back surgeon, right? For example, an eviction attorney specializes in evicting tenants and getting judgments on them, however, they only use the most basic strategies to actually get paid on those judgments. Strategies you can actually do yourself. 
  • Why should I use the services of Mr.Grey? - Mr. Grey has been enforcing judgment on a full time basis since 2001. There very few full-time judgment enforcement specialists. He has full access to all judgment enforcement methods. You don't want to be stuck with a part-timer who doesn't have time to go to the courthouse to use the most advanced methods to enforce judgments. He is simply the best. 
  • Can Mr. Grey really collect on a judgment even if the debtor does not have any money? - Yes, because Mr. Grey does this on a full-time basis, he is able to go to the courthouse regularly to use advanced strategies to enforce judgments. Most judgment professionals and lawyers only use the easiest methods of judgment recovery which people can do themselves.
  • ​​​​​​​I have a large judgment. Why should I hire any judgment professional or lawyer to enforce my judgment? - Typically, there are extra challenges in the judgment recovery of large judgments. Here are a few: people with a lot of money know how to hide their money better, they become hard to locate over time, and they usually have money to hire expensive lawyers making it impossible for an average person to collect on a large judgment.

Best Judgment Enforcement Service

See what others have to say about Mr. Grey's Services

Genuine and honest

"It took me a while to find a judgment enforcer for my small claims court judgment. I have spoke with possibly over 10 companies; however, as soon as I got Mr. Grey on the phone I knew right away that he is a man who will get it done. And my intuition was right, he got my defender's bank account levied in less than two weeks. He was always responsive and straightforward with me. When I finally met him in person I got a feeling that he is genuine and honest person, this business suits him not only financially but also morally. He gets money back to people who were wronged. If I may say so he's a modern day superhero who gets justice served. And just to be clear I am in no way affiliated with his company, I did find him online and this is my genuine impression and experience. We need more people like Mr. Grey.​"
- Galya P, Beverly Hills CA

Justice for the "little guy"

"A few years back I won a claim against former tenants that were so blatant and personally damaging to me, it ended up in small claims court. However, when I asked the judge how I could enforce the settlement and attempt to collect my money, he said "I can't recommend anything , this is on you, and whatever you do might still not result in getting anything". I was two months from losing my home, due to the actions of these artful con-artists. Based on obstacles and dodging by these people I had lost all hope in ever getting any kind of payment.
I contacted numerous agencies that dealt in judgement collection, and time and time again was denied help.
It was truly not until I reached-out to Mr.Grey where he intently listened, understood my dilemma, and was willing to help.
His expertise and knowledge of judgement enforcement is beyond par, and I would highly recommend his services to others even us ' little guys' ,that often lack justice and representation."
- Claudia A, Burbank CA
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