Judgment Enforcement Expert

Mr. Grey has been in the judgment enforcement business since 2001. He was a landlord who had bad tenants who did not pay. He learned the hard way that it is not so easy to get justice. 

He discovered a niche where he could get unlimited business. With millions of dollars of unenforced judgments each year, just in Los Angeles, he realized that too many people were being denied justice.

People with less money have even less access to justice because many of the more experienced judgment recovery professionals only help people with judgments of $5000, $25000, or even $50000. 

Judgment Recovery Training

Mr. Grey began to teach about judgment recovery and the judgment enforcement business at various real estate investing events in 2015. He realized that he can help more people to get justice by creating a judgment recovery course and having a team of judgment recovery professionals. 

He loves the judgment enforcement business opportunity because he helps people get justice. It is also a way for people to make extra income either part-time or full-time without getting an expensive law degree. 

Judgment Recovery Course

Judgment Recovery Secrets

Mr. Grey realized he cannot help everyone individually by himself. Judgment Recovery Secrets course is designed for landlords who have tenants who refuse to pay. In many cases, landlords have all the information needed for basic judgment recovery. It is a do-it yourself system that also shows you what to do before you get a new tenant so you can get paid fast if they don't pay.

Judgment Enforcement Secrets

Mr. Grey has an extensive background in sales and teaches how to get new business. One of his students in Hawaii makes over $100k per year just doing one technique.  Some of his students get repeat business from lawyers who do not know how to enforce their own judgments.

Judgment Institute of California

For most people, Judgment Recovery Secrets is all they need to enforce their own judgments. There is very limited education on the judgment enforcement business opportunity. Mr. Grey created a rare opportunity, to see him in action in the courthouse as he makes people reveal the location of their hidden assets.  

The Judgment Institute of California was created as a cost effective way to enter a niche where there is no competition. The perfect system for struggling college students or someone who doesn't want to spend over $100,000 for a law degree. He provides mentorship for those who attend his one day training.
A major problem for those graduating college today, is the lack of jobs.  For those who qualify, Mr. Grey and his team give an hands on training including how to fill out California court forms. For his elite students, there is unlimited direct access to Mr. Grey himself.    

The first step is to get Judgment Recovery Secrets and take the one-time upgrade to Judgment Enforcement Secrets. You will get more information about Mr. Grey one day training and his lead program as they become available. 
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